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Workplace Setup and Upgrades

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Workplace Setup and Upgrades

DC Services can set up and improve your office

DC Services can improve your workplace infrastructure to enhance productivity, security and reduce friction between your business and its IT equipment.


Business Email

Still using that yahoo, hotmail or gmail account? We can upgrade all of your staff to have professional email addresses such as johndoe@mycompany.com.


Planning on expanding your office with new PCs? Let us advise and assist you to make smart decisions that will ensure your new desks and all the IT infrastructure they need.

No more sharing USB sticks

Do you have 5 copies of the same file on 3 different computers and 2 usb sticks? Upgrade your office so all staff can access files from any computer and updates are shared automatically with everyone.

Slow PC?

PC Stuck loading for hours at a time? We can analyse your machines and suggest cost-effective upgrades that will speed up your PC, increase productivity and improve staff morale.

No More Spaghetti Wires

Do you have a tangled mess of wires in a cupboard making it difficult to expand or diagnose problems? Let us take over and get it back to a smoothly running neat data highway.

PC Starting to show its age?

We have all been there, our trusty computer has always been sturdy and reliable, but now it's starting to show some wear and tear, and you are cautious about abandoning it and starting over. DCServices can help with the migration and get your new PC looking and running exactly the same way you are used to, right down to the same background and icons.

We have relied on DC Services for support and security for many years. The staff know us and are always helpful, no matter what silly questions we may ask!

Michelle Fraser

Always excellent speed of service, with no IT nonsense we won't understand.

Peter King

Managing Director
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