Microsoft Teams is a collaborative digital workspace that is part of a Microsoft 365 subscription.  It’s an integrated communication solution that incorporates voice, video conferencing, messaging, applications and file storage (using Microsoft SharePoint hub sites).

Teams is easily accessible across any device via the Cloud and brings together people, conversations and content along with the tools specific teams need to collaborate. Microsoft Teams are constantly improving their service and adding new features to increase accessibility and enhance user experience.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK, many businesses have chosen to implement Microsoft Teams for remote working and where schools were forced to close, Microsoft Teams for Education has been quickly implemented by many schools.

Communicate via Teams

Employees can privately chat with individuals using the instant messaging functionality or participate in team conversations within the specific teams they are allocated within. A single ‘team’ can include up to 5000 people. Chats are formed of threads and are easily viewed by the entire team. Each team member can participate and securely share documents with everyone within the team.

To maintain control, you can assign an admin manager to set up all your teams and assign file access preferences to ensure only certain employees are unable to access documents and be part of conversations.

Communicate in a secure environment

Microsoft Teams provides advanced security and compliance capabilities. All data is encrypted in transit and Microsoft Teams will support key compliance standards including EU Model Clauses, ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA and more. Data within Teams is held securely at one of Microsoft’s data centres in the UK.