Ad-Hoc PAYG Support


DC Services are happy to provide IT support to any small or medium business. Ad-hoc support is available for any business that feels they require additional IT knowledge, either on a hourly or daily basis provided by our experts.



Ad-Hoc IT Support

Ad-Hoc (Pay As You Go) IT support is ideal for organisations with minimal IT support requirements.

Ad-Hoc IT support is designed for:

  • Organisations that have some IT skill in-house and only need occasional help
  • One off jobs
  • Business that need temporary absence cover for IT issues
  • Very small companies
  • Business that need emergency IT support

Our onsite support is billed by the hour, remote support is billed by the half hour. 

To arrange Ad-Hoc support for today or future support, please don’t hesitate to call our team of experts today on 0191 645 0607