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Slow PC?

The most common causes of a slow PC is an underperforming hard drive, insufficient RAM or a lack of a dedicated graphics card. We have the knowledge and experience to provide cost-effective upgrades and ensure compatibility. Upgrades are cheaper than purchasing an entirely new system and will usually extend your computers usefulness by a few years. 

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PC not working?

Time is money and time spent trying to fix your own pc is time that could be spent on more productive tasks. Let DC Services manage your PC and we can perform tasks such as

  • Install software and drivers
  • Fix issues with connectivity, printers & email
  • Identify and mitigate security threats
  • Research and Investigate software and hardware requirements
  • Connect and maintain your email accounts
  • Securely manage your passwords


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Defend you and your business against ransomware, phishing and hacking

According to a Touche Ross study, less than 10% of business survive after a disaster recovery incident such as ransomware. All businesses, big and small are targeted by malicious actors. Many businesses aren't aware that their IT infrastructure contains well-known vulnerabilities that are often trivial to fix with low costs. 

DC Services can

  • Provide business grade anti-virus tools
  • Ensure systems are up to date and do not contain known vulnerabilities
  • Investigate and advise you of compromised systems
  • Keep a close eye on new industry threats and alert you if they are relevant


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DCServices, lead by Managing Director Steve Martin has serviced contracts for me across the North-East and Yorkshire for many years. The quality of service, value for money and added value I receive from DC Services has made it easy for me to maintain this relationship and furthermore recommend them to colleagues which I have confidently done many times in the past.

A Bradley


Due to the nature of our work, dealing with vulnerable people of all ages, data security is extremely important to us. We look to DC Services to recommend systems that comply with regulations and other tender commitments from a number of councils and external sources.

We find the team at DC Services east to talk to when issues arise and always prompt to resolve any problems we have.

R Blyth


I’d just like to pass on my thanks . . .  spot on this morning . . . fixed the issue then explained it to me and logged on and gave a quick tutorial. Not rushed and explained in simple terms. Just what I wanted. Spot on service.

A Wilson

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