BT Switch Off

BT will be withdrawing traditional analogue telephone line services and looking to phase in their own cloud VoIP service by the end of 2025, a move being referred to as the BT Switch Off.

Such a seismic shift represents an excellent opportunity for those with business phone systems country-wide to look into what else is out there as contracts come to an end. Some companies have now been supplying and servicing users with digital phone systems for years, listening to feedback and rolling out new and improved features for these users all the while. There are therefore now some very powerful options out there. Just some of our own new features include granular call monitoring controls, outbound wallboards and outbound call reports.


A cloud-hosted phone system is a true leap forward, with improvements in call and maintenance costs, feature-set and scalability.

  •  By virtue of being hosted in the cloud rather than on-site, there is no need to call in specialist engineers to maintain your business phone system hardware or add new lines. Indeed, there is no hardware to purchase, since your PBX exists virtually in the cloud. Moreover, the system itself is digital, designed by developers and graphics designers to be interacted with by customers, meaning an intuitive and aesthetic User Interface.
  •  A rich, digital feature set is regularly expanded by the development team in line with customer feedback and creative team initiatives. Since it’s built programmatically, your VoIP phone system can be enhanced via integration with CRMs and our API and Webhook offerings.
  •  New users can be added, removed or changed with flexibility, all on-demand from within the account dashboard.

All of the above represent a marked leap forward over traditional analogue phone lines, and hybrid SIP Trunk solutions, both of which are more difficult and expensive to maintain and scale, and limited in features.

Ease of Set-Up

Getting your new digital business phone system set up is easy. With DC Services it’s as simple as linking a phone number to a virtual ‘user’ in your account, then linking this user with any SIP endpoint (endpoint meaning desktop or mobile VoIP app, both of which we supply free of charge, or hardware desk phone). Enjoy full and intuitive control over your phone system in the back-end by setting up your own call routing with our modular system, your own voicemail, recorded messages and more.


Business man


BYOD & Mobile Working

If you are a solo entrepreneur, high-ranking executive or business with remote and mobile workers, arming your business phone system with the ability to make business calls remotely as if you were in the office can be extremely helpful. With our call monitoring functions, you can listen in to that important call a member of your team is taking with an important client or even join in via conference bridge. You can use the call whisper function to give your sales executive the guidance they need to close the deal, even whilst you’re on your way around the M25 to an important client meeting. Make business calls as normal using our mobile app and select which caller ID to present to the other side for full control over how you present yourself to your clients and customers.

Benefits of a cloud-hosted, digital phone system

Lower call costs; lower system maintenance costs

Control lies with the customer: a dashboard designed and developed for customer control.

Additional features, from Click to Call to granular call monitoring functions

Flexibility and scalability: add and modify users instantly.

Integration with CRMs and reselling opportunities via our API and Webhook offerings.