Tell us what you need, we will make it happen, no jargon necessary.

We like to keep telecoms simple. You tell us what your employees want to be able to do with their phones and we will handle the technical stuff to make it happen. All we require is that you have an internet connection. If you don’t we can provide that service for you.

Simple fixes within minutes, same day visits for complex faults

With our telephone package, we can provide a superior level of support. When you call us, you will get straight through to our support team, no queues, hold music or switchboards. 

We can perform the following from our office within a few minutes, usually over the phone or by email:

  • Divert one or all phones to voicemail or a mobile
  • Divert someone extension to another person
  • Add/change an extension number
  • Connect remote workers mobile phone to the company’s switchboard
  • Change telephone settings such as speaker volume, ringtone.
  • Locate and provide a recorded phone conversation

If your phone stops working, we can diagnose and fix most problems from our office. If the problem is more complex, we can schedule a same-day visit and instantly divert calls to your mobile whilst we work on the problem. Can your current telecoms provider do that?


We can provide the following features

  • Extension numbers & groups
  • Switchboards
  • Hold music
  • Transfer to mobile phones
  • Automatic out of office/hours rules
  • Escalate unanswered calls
  • Call recording and logging
  • Address Books
  • Custom Ringtones

Unhappy with your current telephone service? Let us take over an improve it.

  • Use the same phone number across multiple buildings and cities
  • Allow remote and home workers to connect to your telephone system
  • Connect using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop
  • Extension numbers, groups switchboards
  • Escalate a call if it is not answered within a certain time
  • Block numbers
  • Multiple extensions for phone sharing
  • Individual voicemail
  • Send voicemails as email attachments